DLC events elevates ADSD 2023 with cutting-edge conference technology

DLC events elevates ADSD 2023 with cutting-edge conference technology

As a premium member of the Conference Rental Alliance, the rental company DLC Events supported the ADSD 2023 event in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate is an assembly of international decision-makers and leading policy experts engaging in insightful discussions. This year, the 10th edition of the Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate (#ADSD2023, #ملتقى_أبوظبي_الاستراتيجي) will unite experts, academics, and researchers from around the globe in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from November 13-14 to deliberate on the central geopolitical debates of our time.

The Emirates Policy Center conference – themed ‘Old Politics in a New Age’ – will assess whether global players adhere to established political norms or adapt their strategies to new age demands.

DLC Events, the leading rental conference technology company in the Middle East, has significantly upgraded its services through strategic investments in Televic technology via the renown company NMK Electronics, highlighting its commitment to excellence. This enhancement includes the acquisition of 420 Televic Confidea Flex conference microphones and 3 Plixus MME control units, offering features such as touchscreen controls for voting, authentication, and language channels, designed with inclusivity for visually impaired users.

The integration of this system was particularly instrumental at the ADSD event, enhancing the experience with its reliability and sophisticated features.

During the ADSD 2023 event, 320 Confidea Flex units were deployed, each equipped with an RFID card for authentication and supported by camera tracking using a Public-I camera control system. Mark Breakspear from DLC comments on the system’s appeal: ‘Our clients really appreciate the aesthetics of the Confidea Flex; they enjoy its stylish, tough, and discreet look.

The ability to add a logo is also invaluable during events, as is the ease of installation. The calculators provided by Televic are particularly useful for accurately planning system setups, ensuring no overstretching occurs.’