CRA Premium Partner: DLC Events

DLC Events
00971 4 3470484

We are proud to present DLC as a distinguished member of our Conference Rental Alliance. With roots dating back to 1993, DLC has over a quarter-century of experience and the distinct honour of being the first equipment-based rental company in the UAE to provide technical event solutions to both local and international markets.

DLC’s extensive range of services encompasses a broad array of lighting and AV equipment. Their accomplished conference division not only caters to events in the GCC region but also has a global reach. With a substantial inventory of cutting-edge conference technologies, including simultaneous interpretation equipment and discussion systems, DLC is well-equipped to facilitate any event requirements.

Furthering DLC’s pursuit of providing comprehensive event solutions, DLC’s investment in Televic enhances its capacity to cater to events of any scale. DLC understands the importance of efficient dialogue and decision-making at conferences.

They offer top-notch delegate microphone solutions to support this, reflecting their commitment to quality.