NATO Spring Session in Luxembourg: technology and diplomacy in action

NATO Spring Session in Luxembourg: technology and diplomacy in action

The recent NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Spring Session held in Luxembourg was a significant event that marked a decisive stand on global political issues. From May 19 to 22, 2023, almost 250 lawmakers from 31 NATO nations and 16 partner countries convened at the European Convention Center L’ECCL.

In this crucial gathering, Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik, a premium partner of the Conference Rental Alliance network, played an essential role in facilitating effective communication and ensuring the smooth running of the summit.

The European Convention Center L’ECCL provided the perfect setting for this significant event. The center features a prestigious amphitheater with 646 seats, 2 plenary rooms, 11 conference rooms, and 30 subcommittee rooms, offering exceptional flexibility to adapt to various meeting requirements.

In the plenary room, Ellerbrock provided 150 Flex wireless G4 units and seven automatic Dome cameras with camera tracking, ensuring that speakers were visually highlighted. This room presented a unique challenge: out of the 150 microphones on the table, only fifty were to be operational for the first 1.5 days, with the remaining 100 displaying the logo but not functioning. Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik met this last-minute challenge through the intelligent use of the API and the flexibility of the Plixus system.

In the small room, Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik utilized its expertise in conference technology to install 8 languages and interpretation booths. The Televic interpretation system and Televic 5500 systems, already a fixed install in that room, were used and Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik added extra infrared receivers, seamlessly integrating the center’s existing infrastructure with additional equipment.

Ellerbrock’s approach ensured an extremely fail-proof setup. By making network extenders redundant and allowing each microphone to connect to two network extenders, the system was designed to function even if one extender failed. Redundancy is much easier to create with the Televic system compared to other conference systems.

Televic’s advanced technology, combined with Ellerbrock’s expertise, ensured that the conference’s demands were met with precision and reliability. Whether it’s the larger gatherings in the plenary room or the more intimate discussions in smaller rooms, Ellerbrock’s seamless integration of Televic’s cutting-edge systems showcased how technology can enhance human communication and contribute to global dialogues.