Spotlight on Géné-Electra: a pioneer in event technology

Spotlight on Géné-Electra: a pioneer in event technology

In the busy city of Brussels, Géné-Electra has made a name for itself in the technical sector. With a history spanning over 40 years, this family business has built a solid reputation in the event industry.

Guided by a dedication to its craft, Géné-Electra keeps pace with new market trends to provide reliable technical solutions to its partners. The company is involved in every phase of your event’s technical needs, from the initial study to installation, rehearsal, management, dismantling, and beyond.

Géné-Electra’s human-sized company ensures a unique approach to each project. The smile they wear is not just a gesture but a testament to their commitment to quality and satisfaction. Serving over 800 events annually, Géné-Electra caters to conference organizers, prestigious venues, European and Belgian public institutions, private companies, and associations. Their philosophy extends beyond simple supplier-client relationships, focusing on building mutually beneficial partnerships grounded in trust and advice.

Understanding that each organization has unique needs, Géné-Electra offers a range of services, including complete packages, dry rentals, and long-term rental formulas, always aiming for the best value for money.

Choosing Televic to equip their 20 triple ISO4043-2016 cabins with Lingua ID interpreter desk stations was a significant move. The channel selector on Confidea Flex G4 delegate microphones proved to be a valuable asset. Moreover, Televic’s technical support and commercial contact play a vital role in Géné-Electra’s daily challenges. Their collaboration with Televic further reinforces their commitment to offering top-notch solutions, solidifying their reputation as leaders in the industry.

Some events the company Géné-Electra recently supported:

  • Europe-Asia Summit in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
  • Committee of the Regions in Marseille
  • European Parliament

Géné-Electra’s journey, guided by passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence, makes them a trusted partner in the technical sector. Whether it’s a grand concert or an international conference, Géné-Electra has the skill, technology, and dedication to make every event a success.