Hassle-free hybrid meetings: the future of conferencing with Televic and DS-Interpretation, Inc.

Hassle-free hybrid meetings: the future of conferencing with Televic and DS-Interpretation, Inc.

Hybrid meetings have evolved from being a technological novelty to a staple requirement in the modern world. As the demand for flexible and complex setups has soared, particularly in the post-COVID era, the challenges to organising seamless hybrid meetings have grown as well. Here’s a look at how Televic and DS-Interpretation, Inc. are revolutionizing this space.

DS-Interpretation, Inc. is a premium member of the Conference Rental Alliance, celebrating its 50th year of success. Specializing in advanced hybrid interpretation solutions, the company has been at the forefront of hybrid meetings since the early 1990s. Partnering with language technology leaders and professional interpreters globally, DS-Interpretation, Inc. has catered to events of all sizes, showcasing proven expertise.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for hybrid meetings, making it almost a standard requirement. From large international summits to regional gatherings, the ability to go hybrid is paramount. This trend is not limited to pandemic considerations; the large distances in markets like the US have made remote meetings essential.

Flexibility has become key. As Naomi Bowman of DS-Interpretation, Inc.  states: “Basically, almost every meeting needs to be prepared to be hybrid right now for a variety of reasons.” A recent NATO meeting initially planned without a hybrid component, had to switch to a hybrid format on the day of setup. Adding new languages at the last minute illustrates the agility required and the company was fully prepared to handle the change.

Televic’s wireless Confidea Flex G4 conference solutions have proven to be invaluable. Designed for hybrid scenarios, these solutions make setup easy and flexible, accommodating last-minute changes. In events like a recent one for a United Nations group in New York, the thorough planning of the DS-Interpretation, Inc. team beforehand, the trustworthiness of the equipment and efficient setup, with no cabling, made a world of difference, Naomi adds.

Setting up a hybrid meeting involves addressing the complexities of both on-site and remote approaches. It’s not merely about the number of participants and the number of different languages involved but about the multitude of different connection points that need to be accounted for. Shorter planning and setup times add to the complexity.

DS-Interpretation, Inc. has foreseen these challenges, offering turnkey solutions like “hybrid in a box” for customers. By investing in hybrid-ready Televic equipment like Lingua interpreter desks, Infrared solutions, and advanced-design conference microphones, the company’s hybrid meetings are far more manageable.

A standout feature of Televic’s conference solutions is its Dante-enabled technology. Essential for hybrid meetings involving complex signal routing and audio networking, Dante technology simplifies the setup process.

As hybrid meetings become the new normal, the collaboration between Televic and DS-Interpretation, Inc. sets a new standard. Whether it’s the flexibility of meeting technology setups, the reliability of equipment, or the innovation in audio technology, they have shown that hybrid meetings don’t have to be a hassle.

With a half-century of expertise from DS-Interpretation, Inc. and cutting-edge technology from Televic, the conferencing landscape has become more accessible and dynamic. These two leaders are not just adapting to change but driving it, paving the way for a new era of international communication.