Rental support for European company board meetings

Rental support for European company board meetings

Duvall, one of our CRA premium partners, based in Belgium with a history dating back to 1994, has established itself as one of the most reliable and renowned Televic ambassadors. Over the years, Duvall has contributed to the success of several high-profile events, including international summits, making it a trusted partner for organizations like NATO and UEFA. Their upcoming involvement in supporting Belgium’s presidency of the European Union in 2024 reflects their diverse expertise.

As one of the five premium rental partners of the Conference Rental Alliance network, Duvall also stands out for its focus on European Works Councils (EWCs). These councils play a pivotal role in businesses that have establishments in various European countries.
If your company is part of an international group employing at least 1,000 people in Europe across at least two countries, then it must have a European Works Council.

The existing directive regarding European Works Councils mandates the creation of an EWC to inform or consult employees when decisions are made in other member states affecting them. It’s a form of union dialogue with representatives from different countries.

The logistics of EWC meetings are complex. Participants and interpreters must travel from various locations, often converging in Brussels, which presents challenges. Duvall simplifies this process by implementing cutting-edge technology and logistical solutions.

A browser tool named QuaQua specifically tailored by the company Duvall for the Televic Plixus architecture, enables remote interpretation. Born out of a real-world need during an airport strike, QuaQua allows seamless remote translation, something not possible with platforms like Webex or Zoom. By leveraging hybrid technology, Duvall has minimized the need for physical translation booths on site. This allows for a more streamlined approach where the council may appear small in person, but interpreters can work remotely.

With English often being the preferred language, Duvall provides both online activation and hardware to ensure the different other language channels can be managed online or on location.

Duvall’s innovative approach to European company board meetings is paving the way for smoother, more efficient communication across borders. With the integration of remote technology and personalized solutions, Duvall is playing a vital role in shaping the future of international business collaboration.