Securing global communication: a glimpse into rental government installations in the London area

Securing global communication: a glimpse into rental  government installations in the London area

In the critical world of international diplomacy and governmental affairs, communication is paramount. Radio Technical Services Ltd (RTS), one of the CRA premium members, headquartered in London, has emerged as an indispensable provider of robust and secure communication systems for high-profile events like G7 summits.

In the realm of high-stakes international diplomacy and intergovernmental events, robust, secure, and reliable communication systems are crucial. Events like G7 summits require impeccable coordination, precision, and stringent security protocols. From the heart of London, RTS caters to this niche and intricate need, facilitating seamless communication in these pivotal events.

“We are not just about providing AV services,” states Mark, “We understand that at the centre of successful government events lies secure, flexible and user-friendly communication.” Indeed, Mark’s commitment to quality and secure communication is echoed throughout RTS’s operations. The company’s diverse range of state-of-the-art conferencing equipment, predominantly from Televic, ensures that the need of every event, irrespective of its scale, can be adequately catered to.

For instance, they have successfully covered G7 meetings, offering interpretation equipment and translation receivers for English and six other languages. The functionality of G4 Flex to integrate with interpretation booths easily is a huge benefit when organizing multilingual meetings. A notable achievement was their role in the Anglo-Irish Summit where their wireless microphones received highly positive feedback. “It’s about making technology simple and user-friendly, especially when working with non-technical political leaders,” says Mark, reflecting on the success of the summit.

While cutting-edge equipment forms an integral part of their offering, it’s their adaptability, in light of last-minute changes or stringent security measures, that truly sets them apart. “In government work, the diversity of opinions and ideas can be vast. For a rental company, this often means that the final actions may diverge significantly from the original plans.” recalls Mark, “but these last-minute changes are all part of the job.”

Emphasizing on encryption for secure government work, the authorization of Televic’s Confidea G4 flex system by the British Parliament’s security services is a testament to their dedication to security. Despite the challenges posed by quick turnaround times and limited setup windows for government events held in rented buildings, RTS continues to excel, ensuring world leaders can communicate effectively.