Digital courts: the rise of remote participation

Digital courts: the rise of remote participation

In an age marked by rapid technological advancement, the company RTS, one of the premium members of the CRA network, stands at the forefront of the conferencing industry. Established in April 1996, this central London-based company has become a trusted name in providing bespoke audiovisual solutions to government departments across the UK. With a strong focus on quality, adaptability, and security, RTS’s services have become indispensable in facilitating remote court cases and significant government meetings. Join us as we explore their remarkable contributions to the digital transformation of legal and governmental landscapes.

In this rapidly evolving world, spurred on by the exigencies of a global pandemic, RTS has continually proven its adaptability and innovation in navigating the shifting landscape of court proceedings. Their services have become invaluable in facilitating remote court cases in the UK, and developing practical solutions for real-time issues.

Mark Edwards from RTS, sheds light on how they resolved line-of-sight issues that often arise in court cases. With concrete pillars in the way in the courtroom, providing the uniCOS multimedia solution was indispensable. That is why RTS purchased more than 150 Televic uniCOS devices at once.

“All users were given the ability to view live evidence transcription and camera feeds,” he says, attributing this feat to the Televic uniCOS units. This example reflects RTS‘s unwavering commitment to devising solutions customised to meet specific client needs. RTS is no stranger to working with remote participants, including witnesses who connect via platforms like Zoom or Teams. Like in politics, during a trial, there is a lot of body language involved. Old, ill witnesses or witnesses living far away in the mountains can be consulted by using this technology. The RTS team travels around the country to let the remote witnesses testify. People in the courtroom sometimes don’t even know the witnesses call in remotely. The uniCOS multimedia units make working with remote witnesses possible.

To ensure broadcast-quality visuals, they use state-of-the-art iMac setups, enabling every participant to fully engage with the proceedings. The company has demonstrated their expertise in managing some of Britain’s most crucial trials, involving long-running cases of 3 years with about 200 remote witnesses. At one stage RTS had 5 team members with 5 vans travelling around the UK. “The pandemic has catalyzed a shift in the way court cases are conducted, and we’ve risen to meet that challenge,” Mark asserts, highlighting their provision of a 24-hour hot spares agreement to ensure continuous operation.

Even as court proceedings evolve with increasing remote participation, Mark assures that the core ethos of RTS remains consistent. “Our success is built on adaptability, security, and service. Whether it’s facilitating communication for a high-stakes government summit or a complex court case, we’re always ready to deliver.” To add to their credibility, RTS boasts a dedicated team of approximately 20 full-time staff and 15 subcontractors, all equipped with the technical skills needed to provide impeccable support. Reflecting on the common challenges organizations face in setting up their own AV systems, Mark states, “AV and IT are often mixed up with each other. Our experience in navigating this intersection is what sets us apart.” In its impressive 25-year span, RTS has earned the trust and respect of various key players, having served 8 British Prime Ministers. This not only attests to their reputation but also underscores their reliability as a service provider.