Conference Rental Alliance: Your Solution for Remote Conferencing and Interpretation

Conference Rental Alliance: Your Solution for Remote Conferencing and Interpretation

Are you planning a conference with a large number of participants, including guests from abroad and multiple interpreters?

In addition to allocating space for the conference and attendees, it is crucial to plan sufficient room for interpretation booths, with one booth for each language. The current COVID-19 crisis imposes restrictions on hosting large events with a significant number of people in a single location. Fortunately, remote interpreting technology offers a solution.

With a “Remote System Approach,” conferences can be conducted across different locations, multiple rooms, and even international borders. Thus, the speaker may be at the conference room, participants can join from their home offices, and interpreters can provide interpretation from their preferred location. This flexibility enables the seamless execution of large conferences.

Remote Technology – A Brief Overview

Acoustic Service and other partners of the Conference Rental Alliance have portable hubs that can be quickly equipped with interpreter booths according to your specific requirements. This is where Televic’s specialised technology comes into play—audio and video signals are securely transmitted through cloud services.

Interpreters need to observe and interpret the facial expressions and gestures of the speakers. The hubs are equipped to accommodate an almost unlimited number of interpreter cabins.

The system facilitates the exchange of audio and video signals through a web stream, enabling interpreters to receive a video feed of the relevant location and transmit the translated audio signal to all participating sites.

Moreover, the versatility of the remote system extends beyond conferences. It is also suitable for various scenarios, including works council meetings, supervisory board meetings, committee meetings, and international government conferences. This adaptability makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of professional gatherings.

Text and pictures: Acoustic Service GmbH