CRA Premium Partner: Proson

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Proson: Leading the Way in HF Interpretation and Communication Solutions

Proson, a renowned French rental company, specializes in the rental of HF interpretation and communication products and systems is a proud member of the Conference Rental Alliance. Established in 1985 by an ex Sennheiser product manager, Proson has grown under the leadership of its current owner, Laurent Péru, who gained his conference expertise with Philips and Bosch. Today, Proson operates from locations in Paris, Lille, Lyon, and Brussels, thanks to strategic acquisitions led by Mister Laurent Péru.

With a dedicated team of 29 professionals, Proson ensures excellent service and supports events for major industrial companies like Michelin, Porsche, Bourget, and LVMH. Proson’s expertise is trusted for political summits organized by for example the Council of Europe, the French National Assembly, and COP 21, providing the highest levels of security and flawless execution.

Proson’s extensive inventory includes 8,000 headsets, Unite systems, 150 interpreter booths, 800 conference units, and numerous interpretation desks, ensuring the seamless execution of large meetings. Additionally, Proson operates an interpretation hub in Paris, where 50 translators can remotely translate meetings, providing interpreters with the comfort of a supportive technical team without the need for extensive travel.

Joining the Conference Rental Alliance (CRA) was an obvious choice for Proson. ‘The company’s strong relationships with other CRA members, such as Ellerbrock and Duvall, combined with the unique value of working with a brand focused on rental companies, made membership an easy decision. We appreciate CRA’s commitment to recognizing and valuing the unique characteristics of rental companies. Moreover, the Unite, Confidea FLEX G4, and interpreter desk products fit perfectly within Proson’s business model, making CRA membership a perfect match.’ testifies Laurent Péru.